I hope I don’t get carded (or maybe I do?)

blurred for security

I got a fake today.

Well not exactly. My current license is a piece of paper. Trust me,  it doesn’t get more fake-looking than this (and I thought my previous GA license* looked fake). The only way to verify that this is indeed a government issued identification is the watermark. Otherwise, a fake license would probably look more legit than this. Anyways, this is what I will be carrying around in my wallet until I get my new license in the mail. Meanwhile, I will be showing a piece of paper, folded into the size of a license, to whomever asks me for ID. Joy. I’m curious how people will respond to this. I just hope no one will tear this thing up (that should be illegal, right?). My only concern is that the airport security…I really don’t want to carry my citizenship certificate with me (which is the only valid and legit looking identification I have now) because that thing costs $300+ to replace. Yikes.

More name-changing hassle includes sending documents to credit card companies to get new credit cards with my new name on them. Oh, and yeah, I need to apply for a passport too.

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