New Year’s resolution

Improve my relationship with others.

  1. be a better daughter
  2. a better girlfriend
  3. a better friend
  4. be more social in general

This was prompted by a sudden realization of all the friends I’ve failed to keep in touch with. At the time, it didn’t seem like a big deal. I figured I could always talk to them when I have time. However, time doesn’t wait and more often than not, too much time has passed by and it’s just never the same again.


  1. Hey Halley! It’s been so long since I talked to you, and I feel quite bad about it – it’s like I barely know you now. So – as always – I am free to chat about anything. (One of my resolutions is also to get in touch with my friends)



  2. Hullo, I suppose you know that I am always available on gmail when there’s a colour on my ‘video camera’ sign. I always manage to ignore everyone else but I’ll ‘make time’ for you since you are an ocean apart. I have a New Year resolution to visit you again before the end of 2010 =)



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