I started this blog nearly ten years ago. The name Chiaroscuro was borrowed from the artistic term describing the contrast between light and dark. This concept not only reflects beautifully in artworks, but also resonates powerfully in life. Life is a process with many highs and lows, and periods of light and dark. The contrast between each, and the transition from one to another, is what makes life fascinating and meaningful.

This blog explores both the bright and dark facets of life – equally embracing failures and successes, joy and sadness, triumphs and struggles, the beautiful and the ugly, with aplomb and candor – in the hope that there are wisdoms to be uncovered and lessons to be shared. I am a lifelong nerd with a passion for learning. I believe in the power of knowledge and using knowledge to become better, from everything I do to everything I want to be. My “betterist” mentality lies at the heart of this blog, and inspires every post. I hope to help and inspire my readers to live, love, think, work, and play better.

Let us know how I am doing. I want to hear from you.

Thank you for visiting!

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