waiting for the ups truck

received: sennheiser mic, nikon coolpix p4 (under $100, not comparable to my lost Canon G9, but I don’t feel like spending more than $100 on a compact right now. the p4 is gives decent quality pictures for the price).

returned: sennheiser mic (mom didn’t like it…*tears*)

waiting on: EsteeLauder order (actually for my mom, but I get major dips on the gifts which include a 7-shade eyeshadow palette); wireless microsoft keyboard and mouse (awesome deal: under $20 after shipping); sennheiser eyerbuds (again, under $20. my ipod experience should def. be upgraded); bareEscentials sample matte foundation (free, $1 for shipping, two shades and two brushes!)

I should prob. order books for school.


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