gone are the days of sundresses

the heat in the apartment has officially been turned on and I’m contemplating bringing out my cold clothes, finally. i’ve waiting for the fall to come for a while, but I can’t say I was thrilled when the temperature suddenly dropped 30 degrees in one day. next week is looking to be a better one, and mom’s visiting!

It’s amazing how slow time can go when you are waiting. I swear I thought it was thursday on tuesday T_T. Now that it’s friday, I’m just getting even more jittery. Of course, I should probably just go preoccupy myself with work, because god knows I have lots of that (a paper, a midterm, projects, thesis, and apps >.<). except all I want to do is play with my new goodies from sephora -_-.

Nasher was fun, though I was slightly surprised how low the turn-out was. Maybe it’s a bad time in the semester (midterms?), or maybe the weather deterred everyone (but what about yule ball and viennese?). It’s probably just a lack of advertisement. but the food was good, and picaso was…interesting. I honestly find modern art a bit…exhausting to appreciate. I guess I’m just not used to it. It didn’t help that I had to leave a third way into the gallery >_>

ok, off to shower, lunch, then work.

One Comment

  1. oh yea i wanted to hear about nasher!! i totally wanted to go, but it was just at such a bad time. x_X DCD is so time consuming. when am i going to see you??? T____T



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