Australian Gold Botanical SPF 50 Tinted Face Mineral Lotion

I have a reputation for being a sunscreen fiend (I fully endorse Evie’s post), which means I’m constantly telling everyone around me to put on more sunscreen, more frequently. However, one of the most common excuses / complaints I get is sunscreen feels greasy and heavy on the skin, and can cause clogged pores and breakouts. While I certainly don’t accept this as a valid reason for not wearing sunscreen, I understand where they are coming from. This has definitely been the case for many sunscreens found in the American market, especially the physical sunscreens. We probably all have suffered through those thick, goopy creams that left us looking like Casper and our skin feeling suffocated. No wonder so many people dread the thought of putting this stuff on their faces on a daily basis.

This is why I am so excited to share my most recent skincare discovery with you: a mineral sunscreen that not only provides ample UV protection but feels so good you will want to put this on every morning (and even reapply when necessary). This god-sent product even comes with a very reasonable price tag of $11.99 at Amazon or Target for a generous tube of 5oz. The higher SPF and physical UV blockers makes this a good option. The tint in here is very transparent and doesn’t offer noticeable coverage. I like the texture of this, which is like a mousse and goes on very smoothly. The high alumina concentration in the formula makes the product feel dry and not greasy. Unlike many other physical sunscreens on the market, this one is not at all sticky or heavy.


So what makes this sunscreen so amazing that it has captured both mine and Evie’s heart? Allow me to count the ways:

  1. It has all the benefits of a physical sunscreen: 
    1. Immediate protection; no need to wait.
    2. Photo-stable, which means they will not degrade in the presence of light, which means fewer reapplication.
    3. Longer shelf life. Unlike chemical sunscreen, mineral-based physical sunscreen does not degrade over time. In some formulations they might separate after a long time, but it will still remain effective (with some shaking).
    4. Better for sensitive skin. Zinc oxide and titanium oxide are much less likely to cause adverse skin reaction than photo filters found in the chemical sunscreens. Zinc oxide also has the added benefits of treating acne, skin rashes and irritations, and anti-aging.
  2. With none of the usual drawbacks: unlike the physical sunblocks you are used to, this one has a cosmetically elegant formulation that is comfortable, easy to apply, looks beautiful on skin, and sits well under make-up.


A few more notable points:

  • The second ingredient on the ingredient list is shea butter, which made me wonder if the sunscreen would be too rich for my normal / combo skin in the summer. I was surprised to find the texture is very light and mousse-like. Application is an absolute dream. The product spreads easily and takes no time to dry, which means you will only add seconds to your morning routine (but years to your youthful looks). Both Evie and I are head-over-heels in love with this sunscreen, even though we have different skin types (Evie has slightly dry skin, though normal in the summer). However, this product will be too drying for very dry to severely dry skin. This product also did not trigger any adverse reactions for me, someone with more sensitive skin.
  • The slight tint of this sunscreen and the smooth formulation work very well together to even out skin tones and minimize the look of pores. Think of an undetectable filter for your face that not only makes you look better today, but also for decades to come. For the gentlemen (and makeup-averse ladies) in the audience, I can assure you this will not look like makeup (though it will also improve the look of your skin ever so subtlely). I had my husband try this on and he loved it. He was also one of those people who complained about the sticky feel of most sunscreens, but I got him on board with this one.
  • The packaging is both beautiful and generous. The product comes in a white squeeze tube with a floral design. I have liked the way it looks on my bathroom sink, and I like the fact that there’s 5oz of it even more! This sunscreen has department-store / Sephora quality, with drugstore size and price tag. What more could you ask for?


  1. Thanks for the recommendation on sunscreen! I should be getting it today in the mail. Can’t wait to try it out!



    1. Let me know what you think! I hope you like it 🙂 My skincare routine is scheduled for publication tomorrow (sorry for the delay!)



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