Snapshot of a Monday

7:50am: alarm goes off
7:55am: checks email in bed
8:00am: brush teeth, face routine, change
8:15am: call from dad telling me he needs to be in the office in 15min, i.e. I have to get out of the door in 5
8:16am: feed the bunnies
8:20am: dad calls. look for keys. rushes out the door.
8:35am: sitting in the law school courtyard, with my bfast sandwich and chai tea latte.
8:40am: emails.
9:00am: commercial law hw
9:40am: goes to locker, get tax books
9:45am: tax reading
10:03am: gift & estate tax
11:08am: commercial law
12:00pm: CSO for brief question
12:08pm: leaves law school for the day.
12:15pm: lunch at WholeFoods
1:00pm: back at home. more emails.
2:00pm: tries to nap. interrupted repeatedly by mailman and fedex guy.
2:45pm: successfully falls asleep with frozen feet.
3:40pm: wakes up.
3:50pm: work work
5:00pm: break (WP!)
5:20pm: resume work

rest of the night: dinner, work, Gossip Girl, work, get ready for bed, sleep.


  1. frozen feet? did you get cold…? hehe I like the alternation of work with random stuff. mine is like work cook work make lunch work eat read Googlereader eat…:D



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