It’s officially FALL.

That’s right, the leaves are officially turning color RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY EYES. *GASPS* Spring and Fall are without a doubt the best times St. Louis (prob. in most places, actually). For a few precious months, we get weather that’s not scorchingly hot or painfully cold. Plus, the red and orange leaves are so pretty 😀

On another note, I have officially started outlining for Commercial Law. No, I’m not crazy about this class, as much as I love it. I think this is just like physics back in HS. It’s challenging and the teacher gives out a lot of work, periodically – basically it’s impossible to slack off in the class. Today will be the first (of four) review sessions. In preparation, I’m organizing/typing up all my notes in preparation. So it’s not officially outlining, per se., but it’s close enough, no?

Also, I kinda love the new schedule now that I have officially dropped bankruptcy. No more 7:30am classes, or classes on wednesdays and fridays. Basically, I come to school 2.5 days a week (monday ends at noon). Can i keep this schedule for the rest of my life (or at least law school)???


  1. your schedule sounds so amazing. when you typed “I dropped bankruptcy” I did a double take and was initially confused because I didn’t know you were bankrupt… 🙂



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