Senioritis is not an option

Even though I’ll be a second semester senior, chances are I will end up taking five classes again, if not 5.5 I guess senioritis won’t be an option for me :\

Here are the classes I’m considering as my fifth class:

  • compsci 100: yes I’m a dork. I miss programming. The scary part is, I don’t remember much at all about Java. Crap.
  • phil 241: It’s taught by Janiak, who was the one professor that challenged me the most in philosophy, so I have no doubt this seminar would be intellectually rewarding and fun. Oh the other hand, it will probably be lots of work. Another plus is that I have no done or read anything like the material taught in this class. Very tempted.

I wish I didn’t have to take Chinese, or dropped the econ major long time ago. *sigh* I should have been a compsci + philosophy double major. How cool would that be?

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