Summer Shopping Sprees

Han and I spent the entire day driving back to Cleveland because…well, I simply miss Cleveland too much 😦 After all, my family and friends are here and this is probably the last summer I will get to (almost) everyone. Anyways, why do I need excuses to come home 🙂 The drive was a good 12 hours long, with Han driving 11 hours of it (thanks to caffeine hehe). We got home around 10:30pm and Dad made yummy noodle for us and now that we are clean and fed, we are back to sitting in front of our computers again (Han is gaming, as per usual).

Anyways…before we left for Cleveland I went to the outlet and did a major haul on skin care and beauty products (with a few additions in the clothing department, of course). I only visited a few stores, but it somehow still lasted for 3 hours O_O. Details will be posted on my new blog in the next couple of days – completed with pictures and reviews – stay tuned!

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