…and I’m back!

Back to god-awful weather in St. Louis, back to school, back to painfully dragging myself out of the bed every morning at 8:00 (by that I really mean 8:20), and back to the life of a 22-soon to be 23-year-old trying to make it in this funny world where the most emailed article on NYT for 3+ days consecutively decried the utter irrationality of attending law school. (I still can’t bring myself to read it. Ignorance is bliss xD). Ok, so there’s really nothing humorous about the dismal state of legal profession in the United States…maybe I’m just desperately trying to find something to laugh about when really I should be very, very worried. (I am, and according to one of the 304983 attorneys that spoke to us during Intersession, it’s my freakin’ job to worry – aren’t I perfect for this profession.)

A quick recap of my life since I last wrote here (which I believe was somewhere in the middle of a nightmare that i’d rather not remember, aka finals.)

  • winter break was nice. it was a surprisingly mild winter in Cleveland this year. And as usual, I enjoyed two weeks of doing not very much and the luxury of being bored.
  • Las Vegas…with family. And Grand Canyon. It was…interesting. ’nuff said.
  • ten hours drive from atl to stl, on top of the three days road trip to grand canyon means i don’t want another road trip for a very very very long time.
  • intersession, aka orientation 2.0, aka omg i’m so tired i’m almost glad that it’s over and now i have classes. actually, can I just go back to winter break, plz?
  • FDOC! (the exclamation mark is really there for the sole purpose of convincing myself that there is something to excited about on fdoc…but not really.). already I’m falling asleep in ConLaw class and the lecture in CivProc just won’t stick to me (when I actually manage to hear it in those rare moments). what a start, eh? highlight of the day: drawing decision trees in legal practice for settlement v. trial – I’m such a game theory dork; some things never change.

almost forgot, another fantastic piece of nostalgia of the day: I’m reading an excerpt from Chemerinsky’s ConLaw book. I miss that guy *sigh*.

Summer Shopping Sprees

Han and I spent the entire day driving back to Cleveland because…well, I simply miss Cleveland too much 😦 After all, my family and friends are here and this is probably the last summer I will get to (almost) everyone. Anyways, why do I need excuses to come home 🙂 The drive was a good 12 hours long, with Han driving 11 hours of it (thanks to caffeine hehe). We got home around 10:30pm and Dad made yummy noodle for us and now that we are clean and fed, we are back to sitting in front of our computers again (Han is gaming, as per usual).

Anyways…before we left for Cleveland I went to the outlet and did a major haul on skin care and beauty products (with a few additions in the clothing department, of course). I only visited a few stores, but it somehow still lasted for 3 hours O_O. Details will be posted on my new blog in the next couple of days – completed with pictures and reviews – stay tuned!

mid break

This morning I left the sunny Atlanta and was greeted with a 20 degree drop in temperature and lots of snow Cle. As I left the plane, a blast of cold air welcomes me back to the good old Cleveland. I stood in the cold waiting for my gate-checked bag and I knew I was not in Atlanta anymore.

The days in Atlanta were spent between spending time with mom, Han, and being a lazy bum in general. My outings consist mainly of battling my way through the endless traffic around Mall of Ga and cozying up in a comfy chair at a corner of B&N or digging an ever bigger hole into my bank account at the adjacent stores. Life at home was pleasantly slow, cold, and full of yummy food. For xmas eve, we invited our neighbors over and had hotpot and made spring rolls, lamb kabobs, and finished off with an amazing cake to die for 🙂 It ended with the three of us (me, mom, and Han) watching Road to Perdition (not the typical Xmas movie, but it was good anyway :).

Post xmas was the typical outlet shopping, and then the three of packing and leaving in a roll; starting with Han on the 27th and ending with my mom who’s on her way back to China as I’m typing this. I still hate leaving and being left. I will probably never get used to it no matter how many times I go through it. The only consolation is that as time move on, I get closer to seeing them again.

When I arrived in my dad’s apartment, my first thought was the appalling amount of dust that has gathered on my furniture. The room really looked like it has not been lived in for a year. So I spent couple of hours cleaning up the room and unpacking. Once the room looked the way I remembered it, I suddenly something…or rather someone, was missing. Memories of last Christmas and Han are still hanging in the air, but he’s not here. It’s amazing stubbornly people and things ingrain themselves upon your memories and your life.

But there are new places to go, new people to meet, and new memories to make. This break has been a good one thus far and I know the second half will be just as good. I look forward to seeing the friends that I haven’t seen since last break, starting tomorrow.