We Will Always Have Quebec

The first road trip with friends and probably the last of its kind. In a matter of months we’ll be scattered all across the country, from coast to coast. We will all be busy pursuing our dreams, figuring out the rest of our lives, and chasing that elusive status of “established.” We’ll chat through google and talk occasionally on the phone. We won’t always be back for holidays and eventually we will have new homes, new families, and new friends. But we will always have this piece of memory to hold on to, and we will always have Quebec.


  • gawking at super-model-esque bartenders in Montreal
  • browsing galleries in Old Montreal
  • trying on Italian artisan masques that cost hundreds of dollars
  • admiring the Notre Dame of Montreal
  • attending (partial) Mass at St. Joseph Basilica
  • jumping up and down in front of the Montmorency Fall
  • tasting macaron for the first time in Old Quebec
  • watching IT’S SO FLUFFY 29430904 times
  • having alcohol before noon at Juliet et Chocolat
  • long car rides with seizure songs and cool convos
  • watching Anne Jiao speaking french
  • taking apprx. 800 photos

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