November Rain

Whoever told me that november is the rainiest month was sadly right. Sunny days have become increasingly rare, and while a rainy saturday is conducive to catching up the sleep that I lost over the week, traveling to school in rain and wind with a broken umbrella is just not cool at all. I don’t think I’m going to buy a pair of rain boots afterall. One because it’s expensive, and two the month is already 1/3 gone, and three I might not be coming back, in which case I already have more than I can possibly bring back with me on the plane.

Speaking of which, I’m still waiting for replies from the pre-law dean, the financial aid office, and anyone else who has a piece of (reliable) advice to offer in regards to withdrawing from studying abroad early and its impact on law school admission. I need to make the decision by this weekend, at the latest. 

Meanwhile, I’m hoping to switch out of that economic analysis class and sign up for the philosophy of economics one instead. Two reasons: the tutorial/class for econ analysis, which is mandatory, is an utter waste of my time, and I never really learn how to do the problem sets anyways, so there’s no point in torturing myself further with them. Hopefully this will also be sorted out by the end of this week, preferably before Friday.

All in all, it’s gonna be a fun week dealing with the administrations and bureacracy of both schools and waiting around for emails that will hopefully come soon. 

I’ll be leaving for Cumberland Lodge on friday afternoon for the weekend. The itinerary sounds pretty good and the lecture series seem exciting. Looking forward to living in an ex-royal residence. Here’s to more photo-ops, fun philosophy talks, and living in a room without a lock. I might even venture out into the nearby woods, depending on the weather. Thank god there’s wireless.

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