Happiness is simple

Last night I realized with some surprise that I am quite happy, content, satisfied. Suddenly, it occurred to me that I have just about everything I need to be happy*. Financially, I make enough to live in a lifestyle with great level of comfort and convenience, while leaving enough for occasional indulgences and frivolities. Personally, I am surrounded by family and friends who love and support me without fail. And emotionally, I have made great strides at learning to face the challenges, frustrations, uncertainties, and disappointments with more grace and courage, while being evermore grateful who all the blessings I have presently.

Some of my happiest moments are spent in my apartment, lounging in my couch, watching the sunlight flooding the living room, and having a tea and snack while reading. Perhaps I have become too adept at living on my own. One thing I know for certain: the importance of having a room of one’s own (especially when decorated to one’s heart’s desires) can never be understated.

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