Disappointed, disturbed, disgusted.

I have never struggled with this before, but today I find it particularly difficult to be proud of my country, the United States of America. I have always cherished being an American, but in the wake of the election result, I really don’t know how to think.

From what I have gathered thus far, it seems the support for Trump has generally come from anger. What I have trouble coming to terms with is how can these people let their anger wipe away all rationality, and put an entire country at risk.  As someone who generally eschews making decisions based on emotions, I am appalled at what emotional voting has done to this country.

I am deeply saddened and concerned, not only for the future of this country, but also the world at large. This seems like a terrible deja vu of Brexit, reflecting similar sentiments that are poisoning our society. Though it is immensely difficult, I still look for hope even in this dark moment in history. Despite everything, I am still surrounded by strong, intelligent, and caring people, and in them and all other similar individuals I shall look for the glimmer of hope. Here’s to finding the antidote soon.

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