Year-end Improvements

Who said New Year should be the only time for self-reflection and resolutions? For the remaining 50+ days of this year, here are some of the improvements I’d like to focus on:

Self Care

  • Exercise at least 3 hrs a week
  • Eat home made meals 80% time (assuming 20 meals a week, that means 16 meals at home, and 4 meals outside)
    • This follows a 80-20 rule, which I will try to use as a rough guide for balance
    • 4 meals will also provide a reasonable allocation for my social life and indulgences
  • Masks, exfoliate, Epsom salt bath at least 2x / wk
  • Stretch every day

Life Optimization

  • Review finances (budget, credit card statements, bills, etc.) weekly
  • Organize / purge quarterly
  • Roomba weekly / laundry bi-weekly
  • Reflect daily (journal / blog)

I will return at the end of this year and see how I have done. 



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