Things I’ve been loving

– the beautiful fall weather, albeit it’s the st. louis weather is kinda crazy and unpredictable. The leaves make me ridiculously happy. I love it when seasons change. I get way too excited 🙂

– related to the above: wearing knee socks, tights, boots and scarves!

– Canon S95: it’s love at first sight, there’s no other way to describe it. It’s just…ridiculously awesome. I love it.

– Law school: it’s a love and hate relationship. I love it when I get all excited calculating damages and discussing Coase theorem, and finding the common ground between torts, contract, and property. I hate it when I get only 5 hours of sleep thanks to a memo. But I also love making the arguments for the memo. I just hate writing it. See my point?

– (almost) Fall break…need I say more?!

– my new hot drink maker: hello frothy hot cocao, mocha, and caramel apple cidar 😀

– Bailey’s Chocolate Bar: every time i go to that place I feel like I died and went to chocolate heaven.

– new make up (urban decay eye shadow and eye liners) and new jeans (Express still fits me like oh-so-perfectly)

– friends. enough said ❤

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