Caught in a(nother) bout of nostalgia

I miss New York, London, and Duke. Sometimes I miss these places so much it almost hurts, and I can’t help it.

St. Louis simply does not compare to New York. The vivacity of that city is so hard to leave behind. I miss the nights spent on Times Square, the afternoons strolling down Broadway, and even all the times I got terribly lost in the city.

And London…I would love to live there again in the future. Not as a poor student, but with a full time job and hopefully a nice income. I miss the beautiful buildings, the history at every corner, the magnificent museums, and the perfect lounges that serve the most delightful cocktails.

Duke. I had no idea I would miss Duke this much. I never realized how spoiled I have been for the past four years. And every email I see an email from a Duke listserve, I inevitably feel a slight twinge in my chest.

I never expected to miss any of these places…but I do terribly so.

One Comment

  1. Hope u have gotten used to your new surroundings! I just remembered, after you left, I haven’t been drinking properly at a nice pub. Haven’t had the crowd, mood or time. Pity. Almost turning into a teetotaller these days!



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