I was an obsessive child

Sonnenschein class ended last saturday with a big banquet that launched everyone into food commas. I’m pretty sure there were plans to head out to the town for some post-dinner celebration, but everyone was just ready to go home.

Ever since then life has been blissfully relaxed. I cooked dinner for the very first time in my new apartment on Sunday. At the risk of sounding arrogant, I must admit that I’ve missed my own cooking XD. I also made a few trips to the movie theatre, Walmart and Blick’s. I saw Inception last week and Eat Pray Love a couple of days ago. Inception was one of those rare movies that actually lived up to all the hype, but I can’t say the same about the latter. The best thing I can say about EPL is that it was rather thought provoking, but it sadly lacked a tight plot line that is needed to keep the audience awake. I’m sure it is a very good book thought.

Trip to Blick’s was oh so much fun and brought me back to my childhood memories. I played with markers, pencils and pastels, while picking out the products that I once used when I was obsessed with drawing. I don’t think I ever thought it was an obsession, in fact I distinctly remember thinking to myself as a teenager that I seldom had any obsession. Looking back now, I’m quite certain that I was indeed obsessed. It was all I did from when I first arrived in the States at age 10 all the way until high school. Somewhere between moving to Solon, trying to prove myself in a new high school, and stressing out about colleges art quietly slipped away.

Then I saw those markers in OfficeMax, and again at Blick’s, and I remembered how much I have always wanted to have them. It also made me insanely nostalgic and I felt almost as if these markers could bring me back to my childhood. I ended up getting two sets of PrismaColor markers (one from OfficeMax and one from Blick’s – they were both on sale and one came with a set of 12 color pencils and the other came with a set of 8 brush tip markers), two sketch books (one hard covered bounded, and a soft covered), pencil sharpener and some ink pens. I don’t know if I’m going to go back to anime drawing – I might have grown out of that after all (but you never know). Right now, I think I’ll just draw whatever comes to mind.

My current project will be creating a fashion diary, cataloging all my clothes (at least the ones I still wear). It might sound strange, boring or dorky, but moving around so much in the last couple of months made me realize that I simply have way too much clothes. Worse yet, I can’t remember every piece because 1) there are too many and 2) I’m always stuck with tiny closets and generally a lack of space to organize all my clothes so that I know exactly what I have (and don’t have). Being the economic intj dork that I am, I thought that this would be a fabulous, dual-purpose, project 🙂 My dear friend Anne suggested that I post these illustrations periodically on a blog (like…tumblr); if all goes well (that is I don’t get lazy or super critical), you might start to get virtual (and maybe abstract…) glimpses into my closet, sort of.

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