desperately in need of a schedule/routine

I can’t believe how little I’ve done in the past two days. This is what happens when I don’t have school, work, or friends to meet up with. I turn into a hopeless couch potato and watch way too many youtube videos. So, in an attempt to get out of this slump and actually get some stuff done…I’m making a pledge to do the following tomorrow:

  1. laundry
  2. cleaning the apartment: floor & bathroom
  3. get the UPass (maybe)
  4. finish unpacking my clothes
  5. start drawing (yay for new art supplies!!)
  6. take photos for my beauty blog

Let’s see how many of these I can get accomplished tomorrow. I feel like I should create some sort of extra incentive for myself, like maybe a present of some sort? (Yes, I know I’m ridiculous…how do I gift myself o_O?!)

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