Why do I have to pick?!

The main reason I’m a double major is because I didn’t want to pick. If I like A and B and I can’t choose I just get both (this is a terrible mentality when I’m shopping…but that’s beside the point). Except apparently Duke only awards ONE diploma, regardless of how many majors I have completed. Which means:

  1. I have to choose between graduating with B.S. or B.A. (apparently I’m receiving the B.A. as of right now)
  2. I have to choose between wearing a gold or white hood (I bought the gold)
  3. I have to choose between sitting with my friends (who are all econ majors) and being at a much more personal and smaller ceremony.

To make matters worse…I’m probably graduating with distinction in economics (which is my second major now) but I’m receiving a B.A. for philosophy. How the hell is this suppose to work?!

I don’t understand why Duke can’t just give me a B.A. AND and B.S. and allow me to attend both the econ and philosophy diploma ceremony. I hate having to choose 😡

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