Looking forward to (a still undecided) summer

if you have been reading my blog regularly (which i really don’t expect anyone to especially since I have been so terrible at writing regularly), you would probably notice the generally…negative tone of my posts. But if you know me at all, you would also know that I’m not really a negative person most of the times. So from now on, I’ll try to blog more, especially about happier and lighter things!

To say that this semester, or rather this entire school year, has been rough is almost an understatement. With the finals coming in approximately two weeks, write-on competition immediately following that, and no summer job in sight, I’m surprised that I am not losing hair or sleep. But in the midst of all this stress and worrying, there are still a few things that manage to keep me sane and dare I say, relatively happy.

To begin with, Han and I have found a new apartment in a nice little community and fantastic location. We are planning on moving in between the end of my finals and the beginning of write-on week. On top of that, we have also been looking at bunnies for adoption. The ordeal has proven to be much more time consuming, and costly, than we have expected, BUT after seeing and playing with the bunnies I just can’t stop thinking about them. I currently have my eye on one extremely fluffy lionhead mini lop mix, who really looks more like a white angora with floppy ears. It doesn’t like to be held, but surprisingly tolerated me holding i for a good minute or so before leaping out of my arms. What really sealed the deal was that it gave me a “kiss” (a bunny lick) after hopping around and occasionally placing its paws on my lap a few times. The adoption director said it liked me; I can’t disagree 😀 Unfortunately we won’t be bringing the bunny home until after we move to the new apartment. So meanwhile I will try to make a few more visits to the bunny and hoping that it doesn’t forget about me :\


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