home for the holidays

finally done (sort of, minus law apps >.<).

Home is great, minus the cold and lack of friends. Loves sleeping in my soft, comfy queen size bed again, with two big blankets 🙂 Too I can’t really roll around and use the space to its full potentil; everywhere I move to is freezing >_>. Anyways, yesterday consisted of finishing up thesis chapter, rushing to the airport (first time I saw such a big line at RDU, and it was 53oam, ironic much?), walking the full length of ATL’s baggage claim area twice because I walked to the wrong end for MARTA, got home after 9am (my plane took forever to take off…must be there were dozens of flights scheduled at 6am, who knew there were so many early birds), ate yummy food, napped for four hrs, ate again, and was a bum for the rest of the evening.

I love long sentences. Oh, it’s also cool to receive four packages within 24 hours. Yay 🙂

Pictures of new dress coming up soon.

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