warm autumn afternoon

I finally got a break from all this crazy work. Managed to catch up sleep (yay!), enjoy a super warm day (almost too warm), beautiful autumn scenery, and painting my nails red. The color is almost…too sexy for the hand. I don’t know, it’s almost too diva-like, too glamorous, too…much? But it’s fun to venture out of my comfort zone I suppose. Oh I also finally put up my dries roses, after hanging them for a week or so 🙂

Tomorrow will be back to work: research paper draft, corporate finance paper, and LAW APPLICATIONS (Boston college & Cornell). AHH.

I’m still sadly undecided between Chicago and NYU :\

Reading Chicago Law website just makes me feel like the school and I click. On the other hand, I’m also very much excited and impressed by what NYU has to offer. *sigh*

nasher brunch

Brunch at Nasher 🙂



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