Equilibrium – the movie

Damn, that was intense. Gotta love a movie that makes me painfully aware of my own much increased heartbeat. The pace was lightening from the beginning to end. And it’s always a pleasure to see someone like Christian Bale kicking some serious ass, as unrealistically-matrix-y as hollywood ever gets. Definitely a good way to end a friday evening šŸ™‚


  1. Equilibrium is great, especially Christian Bale! The director actually made up his own fighting style for the movie, which Christian Bale portrays beautifully.

    I go to Duke in two weeks, yay!



  2. Hahahah Christian Bale has some major anger management problems. Did you hear him cuss out this one guy on set?

    thats the link. He like freaked out after a person walked across the set. still, he’s a good actor though šŸ™‚



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