We all go through phases, and each time I do, I tend to begin a new blog. So yes, I have had half a dozen blogs since beginning of high school. My first one was Xanga, and I still have the account, though I have not posted there for months. I also wrote on Live Journal for a few months, before going back to Xanga. Somewhere in junior year of high school, I was introduced to Blogger, which I still write in regularly. The summer before college I started another blog in Vox. It was a summer of lots of movies and books, so naturally the blog was dedicated to reviews mostly and anything related to what I have read or watched. Then college started, and as any college student would tell you, there is little time for reading for pleasure, and so I eventually ceased posting there too (until today). This summer with half a dozen friends or so being abroad, we decided to keep each other updated through traveling blogs. So I added another Blogger site to my account and have been faithfully updating thus far. You might ask, with two active blogs, and two inactive one, and an almost-forgotten LiveJournal account, why am I starting another one? This time on WordPress? Is it really a matter of necessity, or is it more like my shopping habits – merely getting something because it seems fashionable, though completely unnecessary? Possibly the latter, but maybe it’s something else too. Maybe there is something alluring about new starts, clean slates. Maybe it’s reflective of my easily bored personality, always wanting to explore newer things, always curious about what I don’t have.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with being fascinated by the new and wanting to explore the unknown, or so I tell myself. But there is no good excuse for constantly starting new things, and then abandoning them in a matter of months or years at best. So my new resolution? I won’t start something unless I have a very good reason to (but you say I will always manage to come up with good reasons? Well, perhaps.). More importantly, I will do my best to actually keep up with these blogs. I will make it my personal goal to write in each of them on a regular basis. Although I think I have finally given up on Xanga, after more than five years, it has simply become too…cluttered. But I have every intention of keeping up my Vox, Blogger, and this one. That means I will dutifully write reviews when I read or watch something worthwhile writing about. The traveling blog will no doubt be updated since I will have another year in Europe. I’m not quite sure what I will do with that one after next year, but I am sure I will figure out something when the time comes. Besides, even if I should stop writing there after next year, it will still stand nicely as an indepent project: a record of my time here in Europe. Sprezzatura will surely always be there, I don’t think I will stop having emo moments or drama in my life anytime soon.

What is the purpose of this one then? Well, in all honesty, I intend this to be a replacement for Xanga. In some ways, I might have grown out of Xanga. It was a good beginning to my blogging experience and it will always contain my many contemplations, complaints, and musings as a teengager, but let it end there. This will mark a new beginning. What should I call it, the post-teenage phase? the young adult phase? they all sound so…awkward. Well, whatever it may be, it is new and therefore, exciting. I have this vision of this blog being a grown-up version of what my Xanga used to be, but who am I kidding? I can’t even begin to use those two words to describe myself without ending in extreme self mockery. So maybe my age begins with a 2 instead of 1, and I have become slightly less stupid, I am not quite ready to use such responsibility-ridden adjectives.

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