weekly dynamic

it’s only the beginning, but time seems to be moving so fast I’m already wondering if it’s near the weekend, though not in the I-Can’t-Wait sense. but thankfully it’s only tuesday afternoon. which means, I still have more than half of the week left to finish the ever daunting and never ending amount of work I have ~ Tuesday afternoon

thursdays are brutal. today was particularly so. after a failed quick in corporate finance, i had to sit through two more classes, with a visit to the student health for half an hour in between. then there was the Kristof talk, which by the way, was amazing. i enjoyed it so much I didn’t even notice that i was starving until it was almost 10. i am always so burned out at the end of thursday that even though there is usually something that still needs to be done for friday. i guess this is what i get for taking 5.5 classes? I haven’t really felt this busy since, I dunno, freshman year? the only consolation out of all this is that i do find my classes interesting, though altogether demanding. i love what I’m doing, but I don’t like the feeling of racing against time constantly. but what can I do? this is the life I chose.

I’m so tired I can barely feel anything else.

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