new apt, new school year

moved in yesterday. mom just left 😦 now i’m all alone in a big, and rather empty apartment. our living room still produces an extraordinary amount of echo; it’s prob. going to stay that way until we put some stuff on the wall. my room is roomy but cozy. my only complaint: total lack of sound-proofing. the walls are paper thin and I hear things from all around me, in and out of the apartment, and especially when the guys upstairs walk >.< I wish I could 100% soundproof my room with those awesome sheets of glass or plastic or whatever material that works.

plans for the rest of the day:

  • get more sleep and eat
  • head over to GEO
  • unpack/organize
  • meet up w/ friends, maybe??

One Comment

  1. hope it’s better now tt ur flatmate (do u have one?) moved in =) tho i think the best way of soundproofing is ear plugs…cheap and effective ;p



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