Catching up w/ friends

It’s good to have long talks with friends and catching up with everything in their lives. It’s even better that I can pick up at any time with these friends and just pick up from where we left off. I think ever since going off to London, I haven’t really been keeping up with most of my friends. Even when I came back over Christmas, I didn’t have the chance to really catch up with everyone. For the first time in a year, I’m finally not jetting off to another continent or being caught up with school and whatnot (I swear when I’m at Duke, it feels like another life). Now I can pick up the phone and just talk to anyone for hours and not feel guilty (I can only stand so much of LSAT in 24 hours). 

It’s so good to see all my friends doing so well and being on track and materializing their dreams. I love it when a friend tells me that what she wants and that what her plan is for getting their. Of course, we are all still worrying about gpa, scores, and offers, but the future and dreams we used to talk are suddenly right in front of us. We are not longer all doing the same preparatory work anymore, the things we are look working for are becoming more and more concrete every day. Instead of the SAT’s, we are taking MCAT’s and LSAT’s. Before we know it, we’ll be sitting for the board and the bar and cpa’s and cfa’s, and beyond that is the reality that we dreamed of before we even knew what these acronyms stood for. For the first time in my life, I feel that this is the defining stage of our lives.

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