it’s just getting started, and i’m already tired.

story of my final week. 

studying together is like the only “fun” way to study, if there ever was. Although I’m not sure how much of the studying last night actually helped on today’s final. What else is new?

At least I’m done with the longer paper of the two. Yay. Schedule for the rest of the week:

Tonight: write up take-home final for PhilLit

Tues: turn in paper + final for PhilLi, write paper for Metaphysics, study for metaphysics midterm, and LSAT class

Wed: turn in paper for metaphysics, take meta midterm, start studying for logic

Thurs: start packing, finish logic, LSAT, random shit i have to take care of.

Fri: hopefully a trip to southpoint and relax.

Sat: logic final, finish packing?

Weekend: possibly going to Atlanta to pick up mom’s car?

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