Oh, April.

I’m glad my birthday is before april, i.e. when all hell breaks loose. At least if you are a college student (in an American college, on semester schedule).

To add to the looming paper deadlines and finals and whatnot, I have 8 hours of LSAT classes every week. Gaaah. I wish they didn’t cancel the Durham class, then I wouldn’t have to watse two hours on the road every week 😦 This week has been terrible so far. I’m looking forward to the Friday, when I will be getting a message, my EL order, and watching Revolutionary Road (finally!!), oh and I get to register for my photoclass at midnight. Woot.

Other than that, I’m just exhausted. Except I can’t nap, cuz then my sleeping schedule will remain messed up. I guess I’ll do game theory ps, or call people 😀

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