No pictures :(

Because like I said in my last post, I’m painfully careless, and I lost my camera. Yeah. I’m still mourning for it’s loss *tears*.

Besides losing my $450+ camera, spring break has been good thus far. Th weather is beautiful here in Atlanta (and in Durham, according to, but that’s not the point). Living on a no schedule schedule is a fantastic revisit of winter break. I’ve been cooking every day and I actually really enjoy it. Especially when the food doesn’t disappoint me 🙂 

I got to see old friends and even old teachers, which was so much fun, minus the driving. Speaking of which, driving on I-85 in downtown Atlanta scares the living bejesus out of me. Went to the theatre, saw the first hour of Watchman, and then saw Confessions of a Shopaholic, which was so much fun, seriously. Such a girly movie, like “Prada” XD. 

Can’t believe there’s only 1.5  months left of school ._. and then I’m officially a senior. And then LSAT, and then law school apps, and then omg I’m graduating. The thought of graduation is so…scary and exciting. Being out there on my own, filling out my own tax forms, getting my own insurance, and just basically…living on my own. Terrifying >.< But I guess I have to grow up eventually >_>

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  1. I can’t believe you minus driving out of fun…It is such a therapeutic experience. And if driving is so scary, how are you going to ferry me around when I come visit >.< Walk?

    Out there on your own? Don’t you have postgrad law studies? I suppose many people are afraid of this growing up process as well. But I guess it’s about getting used to the new rigours of life. Once that’s in place, I believe life would pretty much operate like clockwork and you would be completely at ease with your new burdens and responsibilities.

    Good luck on your new camera =)



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