Mid year update

It’s half way through 2016; how did that happen? Looking at my previous post, I thought I’d take a page from my own posts and write a brief update:

  • what am I doing well?

I’ve been eating better, granted that is much easier now that I spend more time at home. Eating less at restaurants has definitely been good for my waistline and wallet.

I’m still exercising on a regular basis, averaging 3-5 times a week.

I’ve been reading much more! Finished a couple of novels in the last couple of months, and working my way through a non-fiction. Hoping this will be the second non-fiction that I can finish.

  • what needs improvement?

I still occasionally relapse in the eating part. Those snacks and pasta still get to me sometimes!

I could spend more time in my career development part.

  • what should I let go of?

Anxiety and worrying! It’s so hard to want something so much and not get all worked up about it. I have literally been kept awake at nights, unable to sleep, because of all the anxiety and worrying that I can’t get rid of.

I guess I will keep telling myself that everything really will be okay, no matter what. Maybe if i repeat this enough times, I will really begin to believe it?

  • what do I need to focus on?

Doing more, and worrying less. If I’m worried and anxious, do something, anything! Sitting (or lying) there and just let myself drown in anxiety is the worst.

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