Current obsessions, etc.

I am officially obsessed with macarons – it’s absolutely terrible for my waistline (w/e is left of it, anyways), and my wallet (or credit card statements…we’re not even going to go there). But I swear they are the most perfect little wonders ever created. They come in an assortment of delightful pastel colors, maddeningly delicious flavors, and absolutely divine textures to die for. They make me wish I lived in a big city, or better yet, Paris – just so I can drown myself lose at Laduree and Pierre Herme.

After watching Midnight in Paris, I promptly requested three books by F. Scott Fitzgerald (The Last Tycoon, Tender is The Night, The Beautiful and Damned), the Parisian Wife, and A Moveable Feast. All I need to do now is somehow find the time to finish 8 books in the next week. Fat chance, I know. But it’s worth a try, no?

Plans for the next week:

  • Screening of Page One – tonight! (plus bubble tea…YUM!)
  • dad moving to st. louis on thurs
  • Trip to Osage Beach on Saturday
  • Water park (maybe) + fireworks – 4th of July
  • PACK for Chicago
  • Hopping on a bus on Tues!
  • Officially starting my second internship of the summer (and my third job)

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