what to say?

not much. i’ve been pretty much MIA for the past month because well, life has been rather uneventful and therefore there’s not much to say about it. the proximity of my house to the mall is having a devastating effect on my wallet, or credit card bills. the extraordinary amount of time I have are spent reading, watching movies, playing go, bridge, tennis, all more or less an attempt at procrastinating test-prep (because we all know the evils of that).

on one hand I’m looking forward to going back to school so I have more pressing reasons to get up in the morning, and more short-termed pressure for me to work. on the other hand, I’m finally spending an extended amount of time at home with my mom for the first time since…I came to college. the prospect of leaving and not knowing when I will be able to have this again is rather depressing. but i guess we all have to grow up one day, so that’s just that.

in the end, I’m just craving…assignments (short-term), as odd as that might sound.

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