Truth to be told, I don’t get all the fuss with LDOC. I’ve been here for three years now, and I still fail to comprehend why anyone would wait for more than half a hour, in a line stretched across the entire residential lawn, just to get a free t-shirt. I know it’s LDOC shirt, but honestly, what’s so great about it? It’s certainly not aesthetically, or fashionably superior. So I suppose it’s the…sentimental qualities, but still does not lead me to a greater degree of comprehension. What can be so special about a tshirt, that just says we are done with classes? Well, maybe I’m missing something big here. Maybe the mystery will unfold in my final year of Duke, because it certainly hasn’t so far.

In any case, the wind is getting on my nerves. But there’s Ben Folds to watch tonight. So maybe that’ll make up for the windchill, I hope.

Mostly I’m just happy that I’m done with 8:30 classes. That’s a biggie.

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