Pangaea, etc.

Only in Duke do we study and have cocktail parties at the same place. The Library Party tradition started when I was a freshman, and I must say, each year it keeps getting better. I still have numerous pictures of the freshman me attending the very first party at Bostock; I wonder how they will compare to the ones I took yesterday. 

For the first time, I actually attended the party without also bringing one of those huge yearbook cameras. So instead, I aimed endlessly through the various rooms and themes with my Canon G9. Taking pictures that are ultra-grainy because I refuse to use flash and running into the same people at again and again. The music was wonderful, the food always always gone too soon, and the crowd steadily gets denser and denser until the Link becomes postively stiffling and I find myself walking sideways like a crab. Overall, it was a blast. It was great seeing people that I haven’t seen in ages (or months) and catching up with friends in general. Although this year was also the first that I did not see our beloved President Brodhead in attendance. Did I miss him?

While some might have gone to nineth street for after parties, a few of my friends and I had a two hour bridge session in the common room. It was loads of fun, but let me tell you, missing a grand slam because of one stupid move (even after you have carefully thought out the entire process, card by card, correctly in your head but still drew the wrong card for some inexplicable, infuriating reason) is beyond painful. Never again shall I make such a stupid, inexusable move, and let a beautiful grand slam just slip out of my hands like that. Never.

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