I don’t think I will ever learn

 to say goodbye. no matter how many times I do it, I’m never very good at it. The amount of gravity and emotions involved is never quite right. It’s always either too nonchalant or too teary. How do I strike that perfect balance? How many times must I say goodbye to master this skill perfectly?

If I could choose, I’d choose to never say those words ever again. But that’s not gonna happen.

I have been very lucky to have been here, despite of everything. More than the buildings, the attractions, the so called ‘cultural experience’, the most memorable thing that I shall bring home with me is your friendship. 

One Comment

  1. I quite agree. Your departure from London was nothing of the sort that we had fantasise it to be. SiChen and XinHua were left very stunned at your running into the gates, almost missing your pillow; David was lost for words; HongKing decided that a hug would be good though you never had time for it; I refuse to comment on how I felt. An abrupt goodbye I suppose. But perhaps that would be the best (quote HongKing), because at least we wouldn’t be left the state you left Zoe – bursting with tears.



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