swing of things

So I went to a hiphop dance audition today. That was fun and interesting. I guess one of the perks being here is I kind of get a fresh start at things. I get the best of both worlds: new opportunities and the curiosities of being a freshman, but with some wisdom and experiences of a junior. But on top of that, I also get the benefit of doing things without having to worry too much about their long term consequences, because well, I won’t be here in the long term. It’s really quite awesome, kinda like summers stretched into a year. You know, people tend to do crazy things in the summer because those warm nights and exotic locales can fool you into thinking that they are more transient and wonderful than anything you’ve ever encountered before. Every moment becomes ridiculously romanticized and people actually live like there’s no tomorrow, or just…summer is short.

But I’ve been there, those crazy summer adventures and whatnot, and I can say I’ve had my fair share of everything that is suppose to experience, both the good and the bad. In a way, I’m glad that I have had those memories, especially the painful ones. It’s better that i have learned the lessons of living abroad on my own and dealing with every sort of inconveniences and surprises while it was still relatively short-termed. 

I wonder if I’m getting a bit desensitized towards traveling. Afterall I have been doing more sightseeing in the past year than I have in all of my life before combined (maybe). And I really just miss staying home and reading a novel, watching movies with friends, you know, trading the exotic and exciting for the warm and cozzy. It’s not really being lazy, at least not completely. I still manage to convince myself to get off my butt and go see new places and stuff, but they just don’t fascinate me as much as before. Maybe I just need a break. So it’s rather a shame, you know, me being in London but not really going anywhere. But I guess that’s more incentive for me to come back to europe in the future, as an American citizen (which will make everything 100x easier). 

On the other hand, I love playing bridge with my singaporean friends. I like snuggling in my bed and trying to read about ontological arguments and god and such, and then predicatably falling asleep after only 10 pages. I still find it a bit strange that I have to go to another floor for showers, but hey, it’s better than battling with the stupid shower system we have on this floor. The weather is actually better than Cleveland, and less crazy than Duke’s. So despite all the rain and such, I don’t mind it as much. I do really need a pair of boots though, somehow it never entered my mind to bring the pair I had from home. Unfortunate. 

Life is getting more busy by the day, but in a good way. I’m currently babysitting a pair of rather cute kids for a Duke alum once a week, it’s a relatively painless way to earn some cash. I’ll also be starting badminton and salsa this week, so that’ll be fun. Probably will take some hiphop class too when they start. Classes are going alright, still need to get books and such. Also, I need more motivation for lsat’s and doing hw when they don’t count XD.

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