Sleepless in London

It’s another night when Halley inconveniently wakes up past midnight and is unable to fall asleep again until sunrise. Being sick doesn’t help, because now I have more reasons to wake up (i.e. can’t breathe, etc…). Except sleep deprivation is probably not going to help me recover. So…vicious cycle. Hopefully it will end this weekend, because then I will have really stuff to do – as in, classes are finally starting! Yay! (I know I won’t feel this way in a week…but just allow me to fantasize for a moment, k?)

Now onto more exciting things than my unfortunate sleeping patterns and sickness…LONDON and LSE. Well London is pretty much what they tell you…and more. It’s a gigantic city, HUGE. I will be going on a few tours of the city and doing some sightseeing this weekend, and will prob. make serious efforts to see at least one new site every weekend. At that rate, I just might cover the entire city before next summer. Maybe.

And what about LSE? Well, like I’ve told some of you, it’s kinda like Duke + city.


  • obsession w/ finance. So Duke minus the premeds and the engineers. 
  • Inferiority complex that comes from being rejected by more prestigious and older schools (Oxbridge vs. hyps)
  • career fair = career fair. both dukies and lse-ers take this beyond seriously. it’s like their fifth class, or more.
  • “work hard, play hard” if I hear that phrase one more time, I might just scream.
  • I have to pay for everything here: buses, gym, clubs (yes, I paid 10 pounds to join the badminton club.), printing&copying, etc…
  • 50% international undergrads, 70% overall, 50% asians (most of them singaporeans and malaysians). 
  • dorm is 30min walking distance away from school.
  • there’s no campus…it’s a claustrophobic cluster of buildings and too many people and not enough space. But at least the buildings are close together, which minimizes walking XD.
There’s more that I’ll prob. mention in future posts, but those are the main points for now. So I’m settling alright, minus the problems that I mentioned at the beginning. My heater has finally been fixed, so I’m not freezing in my room anymore. But I think I lost my resident-card…which might be a problem, cuz I’ll need it for breakfast tom. 
Current class selection (it might change in the next month or so…but I’m 90% set on these)
  1. Advanced Economic Analysis
  2. History of Economics: How theories change
  3. Philosophy of Social Sciences
  4. Problems in Analytical philosophy

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