You deserve to be happy and loved

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I have this inexplicable desire to help people find love and happiness. That might sound cheesy and not entirely sincere, but it’s true. When I see someone stuck in an unhappy job or struggling in the dating world, all I want to do is help them find solutions (after I properly express my empathy and sympathy). I used to think this was only toward my friends, but then I realize I’m just as easily pulled into the stories and travails of strangers and acquaintances. Continue reading →

To have child(ren) or not (part 1)

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The decision to have children is probably the hardest and scariest decision I will make yet. Though it is not emotionally charged at the moment, I have no doubt the entire process from day 1 will be. Everyone who has ever had a child (and even some who have not) have a million things to say about it, from the very worst to the very best. All of that is both incredibly helpful and not.

What people have said… Continue reading →