An ode to Fall

Growing up I used to love Spring, with all the flowers and bursting pastel colors. Somewhere in my 20s Fall took over as my favorite. There is something about these in-between months (or weeks depending on where you live) that is undeniably romantic and wistful. There is an intoxicating mingling of feelings of excitement and forlorn – the anticipation of sweaters and warm beverages intertwined with the sadness of bidding summer farewell. The precious golden days of fiery foliage are inevitably followed by dreary rain and fallen leaves. Part of the magic of fall is its brevity. Unlike summer and winter, Fall is here one chilly morning and gone before you know it. It never overstays its welcome. Could one ever get enough of it?

Unlike Spring, which always seems to take forever to arrive because Winter always feels too long and brutal, Fall comes after the ever-popular Summer. Even if some of us might get a bit tired of the heat, Fall is not desperately yearned for the way Spring is. And yet, Fall is the season that tucks at my heart string and encourages sappy thoughts like no other. It’s like the person you never thought you would find attractive and yet they are always the ones you fall the hardest for. Or the place you never thought you could call home, until you find yourself there and wonder what took you so long.

Things I love about Fall:

  • Chilly mornings and evening
  • Pumpkin spice lattes (homemade is the best)
  • Pulling out cold-weather accessories: hello scarves, gloves, hats, and boots!
  • The foliage! New England has the best.
  • Thanksgiving – feasting and sharing gratitude with friends and family.

What about you? What’s your favorite season? What do you look forward to the most in Fall?

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